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Passive Lead Generation

This requires patience, commitment, dedication and persistence. We call it our Core Content service. It is content marketing with a huge difference whereby we write with you and not just for you. Our system affords us the opportunity whereby the client can provide input. This saves a huge amount of time in the production of the content which ensures that we can publish in record time.


Active Lead Generation

While our clients patiently wait for the content to attract their ideal clients we actively generate leads daily – on LinkedIn! Our LinkedIn Managed Services for lead generation is a daily three-step process namely Growth, Nurture and Engage! We can with great confidence say that we provide our clients with hot, laser targeted, ready to buy leads every month.


Collaborative Lead Generation

We offer the Infoguide Platform a business directory focused on providing collaborative online marketing platform. Now the small business can also enjoy SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing at a fraction of the cost. We combine online marketing with referral marketing with collaborative marketing – genius!

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Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Tilly's insights to the world of social media marketing is extraordinary. Social media is continually evolving and website owners and businesses do not have the time to stay on top of all these developments. You don't have to waste any further time and social media marketing - take her advice - like me you will not regret it!

I started working with Tilly in 2014. I took her advice and implemented her content strategies. I used Alexa as the tool to see if Tilly's advice actually worked. You be the judge: - 28 May 2014: my website (jacquesdevilliers) ranked 1,218 000 in the world and 6368 in SA - 2 July 2014: my website ranked 688 375 in the world and 4967 in SA - 25 January 2016: my website ranks 247 044 in the world and 3524 in SA This might not sound like a big deal to you until you consider that there are in the region of 180-million (or 644-million+ dependent on which source you use) active websites worldwide (861-million+ websites registered). So, if we take the figure of 180-million active websites then my website is in the top 0,14% websites in the world. That's got to be worth something. That result was largely due to Tilly's strategies. So, if you want results, go to Tilly.

Tilly has the experience and the insight to share her vast knowledge in all fields of marketing. Her dedication to helping others to navigate the Social Media world is very obvious here on this page. Whether you are new to social media or a pro, by following Tilly's guidelines you will learn something new, resulting in a better ranking for your website and much more.

Tilly Davies has been doing work for both me and Gateways since 2015. She assisted with the refinement of our corporate digital communications, and developed web, twitter and LinkedIn formats for our marketing. We were impressed by her knowledge of the field, her general professionalism and the ease of working with her. The highest compliment I can pay Tilly was to recommended her to my wife for her professional digital communications and marketing. Gateways has worked with other agencies over the years but all agree that Tilly was the best we had used.

Thank you for all the amazing work you have done to help the businesses around you

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